Research Publications

Department Of Anatomy

Dr. Vasudha Kulkarni

 Scientific Publications

  1. Kulkarni V, Ramesh BR. Quantification of Neurons of Human Nucleus Accumbens by Fractal Analysis. Acad. Anat. Int. 2018;4(1):35-40.
  2. Vasudha Kulkarni, Ramesh BR. Applicability of image analysis of neurons and neuroglia of fundus striati using cell profiler software. MOJ Anatomy & Physiology. Volume 5 Issue 4 – 2018; 237-243.

 Presently working on

  • Impact of Peer assessment scores on overall performance of students in Team based learning.
  • Metric and nonmetric analysis of South Indian skulls
  • Alternate stain to Hematoxylin with financial grant for research from RGUHS


Dr . Shylaja D K

Assistant Professor

Department of Anatomy


List of publications :

  1. Shylaja D K, B R Ramesh. Study of Anatomical variations of structures in relation to Piriformis muscle. Int J Anat Res 2017; 5(3) :4373-4377
  2. Shylaja D K, Sharada B Menasinkai, B R Ramesh. Study of incidence of congenital musculoskeletal malformations and its relation to maternal age, parity and birth weight of the newborn. Indian journal of clinical Anatomy and Physiology. October-December, 2017 ;4(4) :546-551

Department Of Physiology

Dr Lingaraj Jayalakshmi

FAIMER(fellowship in advancement of medical education and research); International Fellowship recognized by MCI.- 2009 – 2011 from PSG institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Coimbatore.

Dr Komala Devi S.D

FAIMER (fellowship in advancement of medical education and research). A 2  international Fellowship recognized by MCI.- 200 8– 2010 from PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Coimbatore.

Publication: A cross-sectional comparative study of functional features of Neutrophils in Sub clinical Hypothyroid and Euthyroid subjects. Bindu Mohan, Komala Devi Sampath Damodar, Annals of Medical Physiology. Accepted in 05/01/2019