Community Medicine

Department Of Community Medicine

  • Community medicine is concerned with the prevention of disease, the determinants and natural history of disease in populations, and the influence of the environment and of society on health and disease.

Objectives of teaching Community Medicine to students

  • To prepare them to function as community and first level physicians in accordance with the institutional goals.
  • To make the students aware of environmental, social, financial, personal, occupational issues of the patients and to inculcate in the students the habit of considering the above aspects while rendering patient care.
  • To teach them practised techniques of prevention at Individual, National and International level for various health issues.
  • To orient the students with Indian Health System, National Health Programmes and Policies and International Health Policies and Agencies.
  • To teach research principles and methodologies so as to create scientific attitude.
Faculty Of Anatomy Department
  • Dr S Jagadish - Prof & HOD
  • Dr Suryanarayana S P - Professor
  • Mr Puttaswamy M - Associate professor in Bio- Statistics
  • Dr Tejashwini K - Associate Professor
  • Dr Nandini R C - Assistant Professor
  • Dr Mohammed Nihal S A - Assistant Professor
  • Dr Arshiya Kouser J - Assistant Professor
  • Dr Sajida Tanveer - Tutor
  • Dr Munira Mohamaddi G - Tutor