Department Of Biochemistry

  • Biochemistry Department was started in the year 1981 and it is given training to various disciplines such as
    • MBBS
    • D Biochemistry
    • BDS
    • MDS
    • BPT
    • BMLT
    • BMIT
    • Nursing
  • Department is well equipped as per the NMC requirements. The undergraduate, postgraduate degrees are recognized by the NMC. The Department manages the clinical Bio- chemistry lab attached to Dr. B R Ambedkar Medical College & Hospital.
  • The teaching of Biochemistry focusses on the structure and function of cellular components and bio-molecules as well as integrates the application of this knowledge in a clinical scenario.
  • This is essential to understand the complex biochemical interactions within the human body both in health and disease.
Faculty Of Anatomy Department
  • Dr Shantha Kumari N - Professor & HOD
  • Dr Karthik G - Associate Professor
  • Dr Nataraj B - Associate Professor
  • Ms Anita Teresa Meyn - Tutor
  • Ms Rashmi T M - Tutor
  • Ms Uzma Kousar - Tutor
  • Ms Aishwarya Rajiv Mathai - Tutor