Department Of Pathology

  • Pathology is the study of disease, especially of the structural abnormalities produced by disease. The broad subtypes of pathology are anatomical pathology, histopathology, clinical pathology & blood banking, molecular pathology and cytopathology.

By the end of course, the students will be able to:

  • Able to perform routine blood, urine & semen analysis in a pathology laboratory.
  • Post graduates perform including grossing of surgical specimens processing, cutting of paraffin and frozen sections with preparation of slides and reporting them under supervision.
  • Able to collect specimens by routinely performing non-invasive out-patient procedures
  • Perform an autopsy, dissect various organ & describe the gross findings.
  • Able to handle and care of equipments in the laboratory.
  • Diagnose routine and complex clinical problems on the basis of histopathology (surgical pathology) and cytopathology specimens, blood and bone marrow examination and various tests of Laboratory Medicine (clinical pathology, clinical biochemistry) as well as Blood Banking (Transfusion Medicine).
  • Interpret and correlate clinical and laboratory data so that clinical manifestations of diseases can be explained.
  • Analize on the appropriate specimensand tests necessary to arrive at a diagnosis in a problematic case.
  • Should be able to teach Pathology to undergraduates, postgraduates, nurses and paramedical staff including laboratory personnel.
  • Plan, execute, analyse and present research work.
  • Make and record observations systematically and maintain accurate records of tests and their results as time specified as per rules. Identify problems in the laboratory & rectify them along with maintaining high order of quality control.
Faculty Of Anatomy Department
  • Dr Shaista Choudary - Professor & HOD
  • Dr Sujatha R - Professor
  • Dr Anushree C N - Professor
  • Dr R Shubha Sangeetha - Professor
  • Dr Suba G - Associate Professor
  • Dr Lekha B - Associate Professor
  • Dr Deepthi S Punneshetty - Associate Professor
  • Dr Ravishankar Katkar - Assistant Professor
  • Dr Jofy George - Senior Resident
  • Dr Divya M - Senior Resident
  • Dr Faeeza Begum - Senior Resident
  • Dr Neetha R - Senior Resident
  • Dr RufaidaShafiuddin - Senior Resident
  • Dr Pooja Gambhir Kakkar - Senior Resident
  • Dr Dhanalakshmi B - Senior Resident