Forensic Medicine

Department Of Forensic Medicine

  • Forensic medicine focuses on determining why somebody died. It is the application of medical knowledge to a criminal investigation, particularly in establishing time and cause of death. Forensic medicine is also the application of medical knowledge to determine the causes of injury.

List of specific objectives of the course:

  • Identify and define medico-legal problems as they emerge in the community and work to resolve such problems by planning, implementing, evaluating and modulating Medico-legal services.
  • Undertake medico-legal responsibilities and discharge medico-legal duties in required settings.
  • Keep abreast with all recent developments and emerging trends in Forensic Medicine, Medical Ethics and the law.
  • Deal with general principles and practical problems related to forensic, clinical, emergency, environmental, medico-legal and occupational aspects of toxicology.
  • Deal with medico-legal aspects of Psychiatry, mental health and drug addiction.
  • Assess the students’ knowledge and skills in the subject of Forensic Medicine.
Faculty Of Anatomy Department
  • Dr S K Karthik - Professor & HOD
  • Dr Mohana Velu J - Associate Professor
  • Dr M Nida Anjum - Tutor
  • Dr Rakesh Mante R - Tutor