Department Of Dermatology

  • Dermatology is the medical discipline that is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of skin, hairand nails in both children and adults.

List of specific objectives of the course:

  • To diagnose and manage common skin diseases, sexually transmitted diseases and leprosy.
  • To manage efficiently all medical emergencies related with skin, leprosy and venereal disease.
  • To adopt preventive measures at individual and community levels against communicable and venereal diseases and leprosy.
  • To teach requisite knowledge and laboratory skills to other medical/ paramedical team members.
  • To adopt a compassionate attitude towards patients (and their families) under the one’s charge.
  • To evaluate and initiate investigation for solving problems relating to skin and venereal diseases and leprosy.
Faculty Of Department Of Dermatology
  • Dr. Shilpashree P - Professor &HOD
  • Dr. Madan Mohan N.T. - Professor
  • Dr. Divya Gupta - Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Sachin S. - Assistant Professor
  • Dr.Adithyan P - Senior Resident
  • Dr. Aswathi Raj - Senior Resident